NVRR Category Tables Fell 2019

Results after 11 events.

Category results for entrants who have completed the minimum number of qualifying events.

Male Senior

Entrant Points Category
Luke Wakelin 250 MS
Nigel Scaife 246 MS
Brian Hainsworth 241 MS
Russell Geraghty 224 MS

Male Vet

Entrant Points Category
Martin Lofthouse 249 MV
James Cook 231 MV
Phil Robinson 226 MV
Dave Seaman 210 MV

Female Senior

Entrant Points Category
Emma David 250 FS
Catherine Barber 247 FS
Jane Evans 246 FS

Female Vet

Entrant Points Category
Debbie Gibson 243 FV
Sarah Chalmers 239 FV
Fiona Robinson 229 FV

Age Adjusted Championship

Entrant Age Adj. Points Category
Martin Lofthouse 250 MV
Luke Wakelin 249 MS
Emma David 249 FS
Debbie Gibson 248 FV
Nigel Scaife 247 MS
Catherine Barber 244 FS
Jane Evans 241 FS
Sarah Chalmers 240 FV
Brian Hainsworth 239 MS
Phil Robinson 232 MV
Fiona Robinson 231 FV
James Cook 231 MV
Dave Seaman 227 MV
Russell Geraghty 223 MS